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Notes for visiting Purcell Cup Teams

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(1) Team Liaison Officer

When teams arrive at their hotel accommodation (see accommodation details) they will be met by a ‘Team Liaison Officer’ (A QUB Hurler actually)

Your Liaison Officer will have made contact in the week prior to your journey to Belfast.

Each Liaison Officer will:

  • Accompany your representatives to the Captain’s Meeting & Welcome Reception @ Belfast City Hall.
  • Accompany your team to The Dub on both days of competition
  • Accompany your team to The Botanic Inn on the Saturday evening
  • Accompany your team to Mass on the Saturday evening
  • Accompany your team to the Banquet on the Sunday evening
  • Arrange physiotherapy if needed (there will be 2 Physios on site at the Dub)
  • Basically anything you want them to do (within reason of course!).

They will be at your beck and call from the time you arrive until you leave.

(2) Reception in Belfast City Hall

The Purcell Cup is being supported by Belfast City Council who have graciously invited the team Captains, Officials etc. to a reception at Belfast City Hall. In return we are expecting EVERY team to be represented at the reception.

If you believe your team may arrive after the reception time – 7.30pm – we ask that you send a representative in advance who can attend at Belfast City Hall.

(3) Food!!!!!

The weekend of the Purcell Cup is an extremely busy one in Belfast with a number of other major events taking place and as such, we have been advised that both accommodation (see info on accommodation below) and places to eat will be at a premium.

To make things as easy as possible for the visiting Purcell teams – and so you’ll not be wandering around Belfast looking for a place to eat – Queen’s Camogie Club have been successful in reaching a deal with the Botanic Inns Group regarding food for the competing Purcell teams and their officials on the Saturday evening. The Botanic Inn will accommodate all teams in two sittings – see above. The cost per person is £10 stg and this will include starter or desert (which TBC), main course and Tea/Coffee.

To make things easy for you again, Queen’s Camogie Club will deal directly with the Botanic Inn for all teams regarding numbers and payment etc. So please make your payment for food on the Saturday evening to “QUB Camogie Club”

For any of you who know Belfast you’ll know the Botanic Inn’s reputation for excellent food, entertainment and good craic!

(4) Póc Fada & Player Profiles

Teams are asked to send the name of their nominated player to take part in the Póc Fada along with their player profiles NO later than Wednesday 19th January 2005.

(5) Banquet

The Banquet will commence at 6.30 pm sharp and is strictly semi-formal.

Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed into the Banquet wearing tracksuits, trainers etc.

Teams will be expected to be seated no later than 6.20pm

(6) TV briadcast and DVD's

Both Purcell finals will be recorded for delayed TV broadcast. It will be possible for your team to purchase copies of your respective final (should you get there) on DVD – details upon request.

The Queen’s University Camogie Club intend to make this a memorable Purcell Cup weekend for everyone and we hope that you will enjoy your stay in Belfast, play a bit of Camogie but above all, have a bit of craic!

Let the Mother of all Purcell’s begin!

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